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Put an End to All Your Sales Tax Worries with Our Simple-To-Use Sales Tax Permit System for Amazon FBA Sellers.

Sales Tax System

Sales Tax Permits Made Easy for

E-Commerce Sellers


Sales Tax System is the most comprehensive step-by-step sales tax permit system available today. It is specifically designed to help Online Vendors properly apply for sales tax permits to help their Online business get into sales tax compliance quickly!


Sales Tax System is used by countless E-Commerce and Taxify members worldwide. It covers everything needed to stay sales tax compliant and provides tools to move forward if you are behind on sales tax and guidance to that may help you waive penalties.

Who is Sales Tax System for?

1. New E-Commerce or Online business owners in the process of starting an e-commerce business.

 2. Existing E-Commerce business owners that are behind on sales tax. If you’re here, you’ve most likely been told not to worry about sales tax and somehow just move past sales tax + penalties + interest. This is completely wrong and costly information. 


Sales Tax System has been professionally developed and composed by STS CEO, Scott Letourneau and his team of qualified industry leaders and experts.

Together STS's elite team has a combined experience of over 46 years in sales tax and business formation. So, you can rest assured you're in VERY GOOD HANDS.


Sales Tax System is a No-Jargon, User-Friendly Training System That’s Simple to Follow and Apply.

The entire program is organized in easy to understand steps designed to guide you through the application process in a minimal amount of time and effort. 

When you join Sales Tax System, you’ll enjoy immediate benefits. You will receive unlimited access to our members only area. The information can be accessed any time and is easy to navigate and explore.


Upon completion of our training, you'll have all the knowledge needed to get tax compliant which could save your business from MASSIVE AVOIDABLE COSTS and EMBARASSING ERRORS.


What’s Inside Sales Tax System? 


1. Key Information Needed Before You Apply for a Sales Tax Permit

  • Sales Tax Nexus basics needed to move forward as an E-Commerce Seller
  • Advanced training by a S.A.L.T (sales and local tax expert) to help your CPA get back on track and avoid confusion.
  • Multi-channel strategies for selling on other platforms. These strategies will prevent you from overcharging sales tax.
  • The time frames to obtain your permits in each state online and via a PDF application (needed for sellers without a SSN)
  • Our Sales Tax Calculator which can be used to determine late fees, penalties, and interest! 

2. Behind on Sales Tax Strategies

  • How to move forward applying for tax permits by using your business start date and the STS Tax Calculator to determine what you will owe.
  • Key information on the Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA), which can help your penalties. *It is important to understand the downside to this option and determine if it is the best option for your business.  
  • Information on Risky Strategies recommended on social media that may cause you to accrue fraud penalties. 
  • Information on how to SAVE YOUR BUSINESS and stop the sales tax snowball when you are tight on cash flow and can't afford to catch up on sales tax! 

3. State Tax Permit Registration Process (All Steps & Forms Included)

  • Information to determine when to apply for sales tax permits based on sales thresholds and foreign entity qualifications.
  • Step by step videos and PDF guides to Sales Tax Applications and links to each state's registration website.
  • Information on time frames to obtain sales tax permits by state and how to estimate your future liability, which in turn determines your filing frequency. 
  • Foreign qualification rules from the Department of Revenue and Secretary of State.  This information is a MUST for foreign entities as it can affect your application process
  • Information on resale certificates which can help you save tax when purchasing inventory.

4. Next Steps After Applying for Sales Tax Permits

  • Videos and step-by-step guides with instructions to update your shopping cart tax settings. It is important to complete these steps correctly to collect the right amount of sales tax.
  • SALT (sales and local tax) expert referral to set up your tax settings for you (fees are separate).
  • Steps to open required sales tax accounts in each state to remit tax payments.
  • You will receive our vetted remitting sales tax resources to automate your sales tax return filing process. 
  • Best tax remitting strategies and options for International Sellers without U.S. bank accounts.

5. Our Done-for-You $75 per  State Permit Service 

  • Complete our online application (with easy to follow instructions) and once submitted and reviewed it will auto-fill ALL the state sales tax applications (heavy programming on our end!!)
  • Simply pay the separate state fees and we will apply for your sales tax permits for you. 
  • You will be provided with a summary spreadsheet shared via a secure file along with our "next steps" documents to keep you on track.
  • This service is available if you are a foreign seller, sole proprietorship, or other U.S. entity!  
  • State fees (which currently are only $302 in total for all 25 FBA states) are separate. 

6. Training & Support

  • Unlimited e-mail support for 12-months. Submit a support ticket to our team and we will get you to the right place in our training, answer your questions, or provide one of our vetted resources for your solution.
  • FAQs on your most important questions to get you moving forward quickly! 
  • Training videos on key subjects including: entity structuring for FBA sellers, increasing your earnings from abroad, getting sales tax compliance out of the way, sales tax Q & A, and behind on sales tax training with solutions! 

What Others Say About Sales Tax System


“We are grateful for your services and appreciate your expertise. Your knowledgeable instruction saved us a great deal of time and headache!”

-       Frank H, California USA

“I have had an incredible experience with Sales Tax System. They have been so attentive and informative to me ever since I purchased the service. Their prompt and friendly emails have impressed me greatly, along with their ability to rectify any issues that may have come up. I know very little about taxes, and frankly, they overwhelm me to the point of procrastination. With their help, the process of obtaining tax IDs for all the FBA states was much less daunting than I had imagined. Thank you, I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

-       Jennifer Garcia, Ontario Canada

“Nevada Corporate Planners is comprised of a combination of brilliance and ease of workflow.  Every time I've ever called, someone is there to take my call.  I cannot recall a single time I had to leave a message.  As I am constantly working and constantly "on the go", I don't have time for long and drawn out processes.  I need simplicity.  I need efficiency.  I need productivity.  I can honestly say I have been blown away by NCP as they have met and far exceeded all of my expectations in those three arenas.”

 -      Gary D., Palm Springs, CA


Special Sales Tax System Bonuses:

As our way of welcoming you into the Sales Tax System community, we decided to include some additional products that will simplify and enhance your experience in the program.

When you join Sales Tax System today, you’ll also be eligible for the following three bonuses:

BONUS #1: Sales Tax Quick Start Guide (Valued at $97.00)

  • Our quick start guide will be your quick start, step-by-step guide to sales tax compliance while selling. 
  • You will learn your busine aboutss structure options and what is best for multi-channel selling.
  • You will learn our Sales Tax Compliance Formula to help you determine which states you need to collect and remit sales tax.
  • Special tips for international sellers to make it easier to start the process.
  • Discover the correct sequence of steps to take to get, and STAY, in compliance.

BONUS #2: E-Commerce Accounting Tools & Training Video for Success (Valued at $97).

  • As your business grows you must know your numbers. This system will provide you with:  your gross profit, COGS, net profits, profit and loss, and cash flow. All the information you need to turn your hobby into a real business!
  • Learn E-commerce accounting best practices. You will know which accounting configuration and tools are the best for your business. Without them, your numbers will be either way off or you will be guessing, and that never works to grow your business. 
  • Best options for having your accounting done for you!
  • Cloud inventory best options which are critical to your success. 
  • Accounting back office solutions and e-commerce accountant options! 


BONUS #3: Rolodex of Ecommerce Sales Tax and Bookkeeping Experts (Valued at $347).

This is our exclusive list of personally vetted resources that we use to get our own business tax compliant.  

This includes a 'members only’ rate of $75 for sales tax permits and a $250 sales tax settings update completed by our referred sales tax experts.

PLUS: As a Sales Tax System member, you’ll also receive a 10% discount on Strategy Sessions with Scott Letourneau or any of our highly-trained team of qualified Sales Tax and online business formation experts (fees are separate).

Sales Tax System is so Complete, You Won’t Lose Anymore Sleep Over Taxes.

Total Value



BONUS #1:  Amazon FBA Sales Tax Quick Start Guide = $97.00

BONUS #2:  E-Commerce Accounting Tools & Training Video for Success= $97.00

BONUS #3: Ecommerce Rolodex = $347.00

TOTAL = $1,138.00


The Sales Tax System includes all the content above, plus regular updates, inner circle resources, explainer videos, instructions, and total e-mail support. 

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can have total access to Sales Tax System PLUS all bonuses for our heavily 66% discounted price for only…


This is an exceptionally small investment that will save you HUGE costs, unrest, and inconvenience.

It’s not every day you get your taxes in order.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity NOW! 

Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

You are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can try out, inspect, and use Sales Tax System for a FULL 30 days. If you feel you haven’t received ‘outstanding’ value for your investment, send us an e-mail within 30 days for a no questions asked money-back refund.  



Remember, neglecting your responsibility for sales tax collection and remittance does not free you from the amount you owe to the state. Ignorance is not an “out” when it comes to tax due! States are now getting as aggressive as the IRS and WILL use their authority to pursue you.  

Don’t let unexpected sales tax steal your dream of massive online profits. Join Sales Tax System now and give your or online business the assurance it needs to grow and prosper long term.


To Your Success,

Scott Letourneau, CEO

USA’s leading business formation & sales tax expert.

Sales Tax System A division of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.  

P.S. Already working with a remitting company like Taxify or another remitting service? They are one of many very good remitting companies and that is one of the last steps.  Having a remitting service with no sales tax permits is like having a car with no license to drive.  We will help you get permits FIRST before you use a remitting service.

P.P.S. If you want to truly give your Amazon business the Ultimate Sale Tax Protection, take advantage of the most effective and practical Sales Tax Permit training membership available today. HUGELY discounted for a limited time only.


*This is a 12-month membership. After 12 months you have the option to renew your annual membership with access to updates, resources, instructions and e-mail support for only $397.00 per year. You will NOT be automatically renewed. We will follow up with an email for you to renew. 

** Sales Tax System phone hours to order are 9 am to 5 pm PT. Ongoing support is through our ticket system for questions and resources. Once you order you will be added to our Sales Tax System within 24 hours. You will be added to the Sales Tax System Membership within 24-48 hours of registering and your log in details will be e-mailed to you. 


Sales Tax System

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