What every Amazon FBA Seller needs to know to Survive!
Stop Paying Your Customer's Sales Tax and Putting Your Business at Risk!

 Cash in on the Amazon Wheel of Fortune 
Without the Taxation Fuss!

It’s no secret; Amazon is proving to be a real work-from-home Oasis. Many are finding it a fantastic business model AND a very lucrative CASH-COW.

But if you’re an Amazon FBA Seller, it’s also a double edge sword if you’re unaware of your Sales Tax obligation.  

Up until recently, consumers shopped freely online shielded from sales tax. But local jurisdictions soon took notice of the millions of dollars in lost revenue and enacted new laws.

Here’s What You Must Know to Avoid an Unexpected Sales Tax Liability That Could Send You Broke.

  • You are required to collect and remit sales tax in every states where you nexus!
  • Amazon does not or will not collect and remit your sales tax for you. (They are protected by a firm legal disclaimer about sales tax being YOUR responsibility).  
  • The state’s sales tax departments will not give you a concession for ‘not knowing’ about your sales tax requirements. They ‘expect’ you to know and be compliant.
  • Amazon (and most marketing groups teaching Amazon) do not inform sellers about their sales tax requirements. 
  • Each day you are NOT tax compliant means you’ll be forced to pay the amounts owing out of YOUR OWN POCKET.
  • Delaying to pay sales tax after its due date will incur additional fees totaling up to 41%… (Sales tax = approx 8%, PLUS interest = 3%, PLUS penalties = 30%). 
  • The tax office does not offer payment plans… You need to pay the taxes plus costs IN FULL otherwise action will be taken against you… (this includes business foreclosure or personal bankruptcy).
  • Sales tax audits may lag up to 6-7 years before they reach you and are the worst type of audits to experience.

Here’s what to do next…

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  • How to protect yourself from devastating sales tax audits that are now in place. 
  • Knowing which states require you to collect and remit sales tax?
  • What happens to your responsibility to collect and remit sales tax when your inventory moves around within the FBA system?
  • What will happen if you’re already selling but have never collected any sales tax?
  • The smart and easy way to simplify the whole Sales Tax process so you don’t pay a single cent out of your own pocket.
  • How to stay tax Compliance each and every year. 

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